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To All:

In order to support those who are directly impacted and their loved ones who may be concerned from afar, we've activated a special Louisiana Flooding News Alert on our website to connect you to the resources

that will provide solutions to flood-related issues. Please use these resources to support those in need or make your own preparations in case you need to evacuate your home ahead of rising floodwaters.

You can access the resources and articles at username: LPSB

Then in the top right corner, click on resource library. The resources are in the Louisiana Flooding alert- there are many articles that you can choose from and distribute as you see fit (21 things you can do while living through a traumatic experience, how to file a flooding claim, after a flood: the first steps, and many more).

Here are some other resources that you might find to be helpful:

This page explains what actions to take when you receive a flood watch or warning alert from the National Weather Service for your local area and what to do before ...

NWS Flood Safety Home Page

NWS Flood Safety Home Page Home page. ... Flooding is a coast to coast threat to the United States and its territories nearly every day of the year. 

The National Flood Insurance Program

This page provides an overview of the National Flood Insurance Program and shares additional information and links for property owners, claims adjusters, insurance ... 

Or if you need assistance finding shelter, contact the FEMA Shelter and Disaster Recovery Center Locator (via text message).Text SHELTER � your ZIP code to 43362 (4FEMA) to find the nearest shelter in your area (example: SHELTER 43362).

Our EAP staff members are prepared to take calls from any employees or household members who are experiencing difficulties related to the flood. BHS Care Coordinators are available 24 hours per day to provide assistance. Please call 800-327-2251 to speak with a Care Coordinator today.


Mona Bernard

LPSS Office of Risk Management

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