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Request For Transfer of Budget Appropriations Form

The Request for Transfer of Budget Appropriations form is designed to facilitate the transfer of budget appropriations from one account to another (i.e. from office supplies to instructional materials and supplies) within the same funding source (i.e. General Fund, Title 1, Special Ed., etc.). The transfer may cross departments when approved by an authorized signature. (See Policy DCI, Budget Transfers)

NOTE:      This form may not be used to increase your total budget or transfer budget appropriations from one funding source to another. (See Policy DCDC-R, Budget Revision Guidelines)

The Transfer of Budget Appropriations Form is available on the website at  Click on Discover LPSS, Divisions, Business Services, Budget & Accounting, then Forms & Lists.  Scroll down to Budget Transfer Form.  You may either use in a PDF format or as an excel spreadsheet.  You may print the forms to do manually, save to your C drive and work from your excel file, or key numbers directly into the form then print once completed.  Please use current forms or request may be returned, which could result in delay of payment.  If attempting to create your own form, it must include all the information in the format provided by the Business Office.

Please refer to the attached illustrative example that has been provided for you. Specific instructions for each numbered area are as follows:

  1. Indicate what school/department for which you are requesting changes. Also include a phone number or extension number where you may be reached should any questions arise.

  2. Please indicate the full account number that will be affected by this change. If you are requesting funds be appropriated to an account that does not currently exist in your school/cost-center, please indicate NEW ACCOUNT in this space. 

  3. The title of the account, as it was originally appropriated, should be indicated here.  Again, if it is a new account, please indicate the proposed title.

  4. Indicate the amount of funds that you are proposing to transfer. (Round to the nearest dollar.)  Please check available balance before sending transfer to make sure dollars are available.

  5. A total of all funds being proposed for transfer should be indicated here.  Transfer of more than one item but within the same fund (i.e. General Fund only, Capital Improvement Fund only, etc.) may be included on this form, when necessary.

  6. Briefly describe the purpose for transferring the funds here.

  7. Your name here.

  8. Indicate what fiscal year you are requesting this transfer to be identified in.

  9. If you report to a supervisor and/or director, their signature goes in this space.

  10. If there is an Deputy Superintendent or CFO assigned to your area or if you report directly to the Superintendent, their signature will go in this space.  All school transfer request must be approved by the Director of Schools and their signature will go in this space. 

Note: The directions above for items 2, 3, 4, and 5 will also correspond to the section that would indicate where you are proposing to transfer funds FROM.