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 NEW Teachers in the Lafayette Parish School System


Lafayette’s TIPS program meets the needs of the new teachers of Lafayette Parish in an effective manner while transitioning from a student to a teacher of students. Induction is the process of systemically training and supporting Lafayette’s new teachers beginning before the first day of school and continuing throughout the first three years of teaching. TIPS, a five day in-service training program designed to provide professional development covers the following topics:
  • familiarize beginning teachers with District and School policies, procedures, support services, and resources;
  • assist beginning teachers with management and organizational strategies; assist beginning teachers with
  • curriculum, planning, instructional strategies, and assessment; provide beginning teachers with legal, ethical, and
  • professional issues and expectations; familiarize beginning teachers with professional growth opportunities; and
  • assist beginning teachers with interpersonal skills for communicating within the school and community.

Follow up meetings are offered throughout the year to provide additional professional development on topics addressed during the training.