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Burnell Lemoine

 The Lafayette Parish School System is Louisiana's 7th largest public school system, serving more than 30,000 students.  We enjoy a diverse student and staff population and are proud to be part of a progressive community.

Lafayette is known locally as the "Heart of Acadiana." Several parishes in South Louisiana make up the area of Acadiana.  This area is well known for its Cajun culture, festivals, warm weather, and my personal favorite - some of the best food you will find anywhere.  People here are kind, friendly, hard-working and have high expectations for their children's education.

If you have recently joined our district, we hope this website will help you settle into your new home.  If you are considering relocating to Louisiana, we invite and encourage you to consider looking for a residence in Lafayette Parish.

Be sure to check all of the sections of our site for news and information about our school district.  We have job listings, copies of publications, financial information, and more - right here at your fingertips. If you have any suggestions of information that we might include here, please send us your ideas by clicking here.

Welcome to the Lafayette Parish School System, where we are child-centered and achievement-oriented.  

Burnell Lemoine, Superintendent

State Department of Education Releases SPS's
The Louisiana State Department of Education released the School Performance Scores for all schools throughout the state. Schools in Lafayette Parish are doing well as evidenced by the School Performance Scores, the School Performance Labels, Growth Labels, and Growth shown by schools over a two-year period.