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Professional Development

Balanced Scorecard Goal 1: To improve student achievement.


District BSC Objective 1: Implement data-driven decision making in all aspects of the organization

District BSC Objective 3: Redesign the professional development process in the district, incorporating teacher needs assessments, audit findings, and data analysis

District BSC Objective 4: 100 % of classes taught by highly qualified teachers

Staff Development Objectives:                                          

  • Provide ongoing professional development on data analysis
  • Maintain lab classes that effectively demonstrate best practices in the classroom
  • Provide a menu of professional development offerings which can be used in professional growth plans for new and veteran employes
  • Facilitate the tracking of continuing learning for LPSS employees in order to assure that state and local standards for professional learning are being met
  • Ensure that all LPSS employees receive job-embedded professional development on a continuing basis

Staff Development Strategies:    

  •  Arrange for a data analysis retreat before the start of school and a follow up in the Fall for the Instructional Staff and Lead teachers
  • Offer at least one lab class at the elementary, middle, and high school level in the fall 2011 and the spring 2012 semesters
  • Establish a menu of PD activities to be offered on Super Saturdays in conjunction with the curriculum supervisors and support teachers.  This menu will be distributed to principals and posted to coursewhere.  
  • Use the results of the 2010-2011 professional development survey to address the most pressing staff development needs of the district as well as each individual school. 
  • Assist employees directly in documenting continuing learning through Coursewhere and the CLU verification process 
  • Track job-embedded professional development opportunities for LPSS employees