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Lafayette Parish School System

Customer Comments

How is our service? The employees of the Lafayette Parish School System provide an important service to the students and community of this parish. Please let us know about how we are serving you, our customer. You can download a PDF of our Customer Comment Card or copy the text below and email your responses to Any information that we collect through customer comments will be used to improve our service to customers.

Please use the following ratings to respond to these questions:
A=Excellent, B=Above Average, C=Satisfactory, D=Needs Improvement, F=Unsatisfactory

The staff member was courteous.
___A ___B ___C ___D ___F

The staff member was knowledgeable.
___A ___B ___C ___D ___F

The staff member made an effort to help me.
___A ___B ___C ___D ___F

Overall, how would you rate our service?
___A ___B ___C ___D ___F

Your comments and suggestions are very helpful to us in trying to improve our customer service. Please tell us more about the service that we provided.

Site/dept being rated ____________________
Date ________________________________
Your role as the person receiving service (parent, teacher, etc.) ______________________________