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Earning and Tracking CLUs

Frequently Asked Questions


Who needs to track CLUs?

All certificated personnel should track CLUs, including administrators and central office staff.

How do I document the CLUs I have earned?

1.  Download the CLU Verification Form from the intranet

2.  Complete the PDF form, sign, and submit it to your principal or his designee along with the supporting documentation for all the PD activities you have listed.

3. Your principal will sign the form, keep a copy for SACS, and return it along with the supporting documents to you. 

4. Keep the form and the supporting documents on file.


I am the principal of my school.  Who signs my CLU verification form?

Your immediate supervisor will sign the CLU verification form for you.

How many CLUs do I need to earn?

1.  All certificated personnel need to document that they have earned 120 CLUs for SACS accreditation, going back to the 2010-2011 school year.

2.  All holders of Level 2 or Level 3 certificates must also document 150 CLUs for relicensure every five years starting from the date of their certification. This is also true of Ed. Leadership certificate holders.

Can I count the CLUs I earn for SACS toward relicensure?

The same CLUs can satisfy both requirements.

I’m not sure what type of certificate I have.  How can I find out whether I need to earn 150 CLUs every five years for relicensure?

You can verify your certificate type at Teach Louisiana:

Where on the state website are the requirements for earning CLUs posted?

I need to renew my teaching certificate.  What do I do?

1. Download the application from the state’s website:

2. Submit your completed application, along with your signed CLU Verification Form to Human Resources.

I have been teaching for a number of years and hold a lifetime certificate.  Do I still need to document my CLUs?

Yes. SACS requires all certified personnel to earn 120 CLUs every five years.

I have only been teaching for a short time.  How many CLUs do I need to have for SACS?

If you have fewer than five years of teaching experience, you may not yet have earned all the CLUs you will need to for relicensure and SACS.  You need to document the CLUs you have earned to date.  If you earn at least 30 CLUs per year, you will meet the requirement for both SACS and relicensure.

I have been teaching for several years, but I have only been at my present school for a short time.  How far back should I go in documenting my CLUs?

Document all CLU’s you have earned as far back as the 2010-2011 school year.  You carry your CLUs with you.

I recently transferred into Lafayette Parish from another school system.  How many CLUs do I need for SACS?

Document all the CLUs you have earned as far back as the 2010-2011 school year.  If the school you came from holds SACS accreditation, then you are responsible for meeting the 120 CLU requirement.  If the school you came from does not hold SACS accreditation, then you may not be held to the full 120 CLU requirement; however, the most prudent course of action is always to document all the CLUs you have earned.