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LPSS Counseling Program

        The Lafayette Parish Professional School Counseling Program has undergone many changes over the past several decades.  Traditional descriptions of school counselors often included"guidance counselor" or "vocational counselor".

        Counseling in these forms has expanded to address today's changing society. Many of the nation's problems can be addressed through prevention and early intervention. Lafayette Parish Professional School Counselors continue to define new directions for their profession as they align their program with The American School Counselor Association National Model (ASCA).

        More  than ever, comprehensive counseling is critical to help prepare students to meet the  challenges of the future.  The Lafayette Parish comprehensive school counseling program  is designed to meet the needs of every student and include the following power point presentation for viewing in mozilla internet browser:



Counseling Program

 National School Counselors Program

2015-16 Counselor & Professional Development Meetings

High School Counselors

Middle School Counselors

Elementary School Counselors