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     Surplus Assets & Auction Information 

   Frequently Asked Questions

NOTICE: See Revised Date
ALL LPSS SURPLUS ASSETS MUST BE RE-CIRCULATED WITHIN THE DISTRICT OR SOLD THROUGH PUBLIC AUCTION.  The next auction date is Saturday May 5, 2018 @ 8:00am at the Central Office Warehouse

The warehouse is responsible for picking up surplus assets and fixed assets according to School Board Policy.

Surplus Assets Re-Circulation
Schools/departments that want to transfer surplus assets should place a warehouse workorder through SchoolDude.    Types of transfers include  1) site/school to the Warehouse, 2) Warehouse to site/school, and 3) site/school to site/school.  In addition, a "Fixed Asset Off-Site Transfer" form must accompany the items that are being transferred. 

Auctions will be held once a year or as needed. Auctions will be scheduled for late April or early May of each year. 

A notice will be sent to each school/department at least 90 days prior to the auction to schedule pick up of surplus assets. This will allow any school/department that would be interested in aquiring re-circulated surplus assets to get these items before the auction.