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Warehouse Textbook Responsibilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Warehouse Textbook responsibilites begin once all textbook paperwork is properly completed in the Purchasing Department. Do not mix current adoption books with discard books in order for books to be picked up. If current adoption books and discard books are mixed, all books will be returned to school. School will then need to separate books and reschedule a pick up.

The Warehouse is responsible for picking up transfered,excess and discarded textbooks from schools.  In order for the Warehouse to pick up such books, the following steps are required in exact order,

  1. Complete all textbook paperwork according to Purchasing Department instructions.
  2. Warehouse SchoolDude workorder must accompany all textbook transactions in order for warehouse to pick up books.
  3. Input Warehouse SchoolDude work order for pallet and pallet box to be drop at your school with text book number estimates.
  4. Input Warehouse SchoolDude work order for text book pick up. Books must be  stacked in boxes neatly to maintain the shape of the box. If boxes are misshapen school will need to restack pallet box. Fill boxes in a location that a pallet jack and truck can access to remove boxes.