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Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets consist of Tangible and Intangible property valued at or above $5,000.  LPSS Fixed Assets mainly consist of Tangible assets which includes property, plant and equipment.  A comprehensive listing of assets will be maintained by the Fixed Asset Office in conjunction with Federal Programs and Special Education.  Although most electronics such as computers, Ipads and copiers are valued less than $5,000, they may be tracked at a school or department level.

Fixed Assets Staff:

John Ward-
Accountant III for Child Nutrition and Supervises Fixed Assets

Phone:  521-7313       |      Email:


Judy Vincent-
Accounting Clerk I for Finance/Fixed Assets

Phone:  521-7344        |     Email:


Pam LeBlanc-
Fixed Assets Coordinator for Federal Programs

Phone:  521-7141        |     Email:


Ann Broussard-
Secretary II/Fixed Assets Coordinator for Special Education

Phone:  521-7141        |     Email:



Contacts and Locations



Fixed Asset Forms

   PDF    |  Addition/Donation
   PDF    |  Transfer
   PDF    |  Lost-Stolen
   PDF    |  Permission to use School Board Equipment Offsite

  PDF    |  Donation(s) to LPSS



Check List

Addition        |       Transfer       |       Lost-Stolen       |       Offsite-Use



Fixed Assets Policies and Procedures


Fixed Assets
Sale of Surplus Equipment and Supplies
Donations and Gifts

Authorized Use of Equipment