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Teachers New to Lafayette Parish School System


The Teacher Induction Program for Success or TIPS is a five-day induction program for all teachers entering teaching in the Lafayette Parish School System.  The Lafayette Parish School System has instituted this program modeled after the LafourcheFIRST program in Lafourche Parish.  This program meets the needs of teachers new to Lafayette Parish while facilitating the process of transitioning into a new environment. Induction is the process of systemically training and supporting Lafayette's new teachers beginning before the first day of school and continuing throughout the first three years of teaching.  Its purposes are to improve teacher effectiveness through training in classroom management and effective teaching techniques, promote the district's culture, and increase the retention of greater numbers of highly qualified teachers.  The goals for the Teacher Induction Program for Success in Lafayette Parish School System are

  • to increase teacher retention in the profession and to lower teacher turnover rate within the school system;
  • increase the likelihood that teachers will experience success;
  • to develop productive teaching behaviors with all Lafayette teachers;
  • to promote the personal and professional well being of teachers;
  • to support teachers in their first years of teaching in the Lafayette Parish School System; and
  • to assist in the development of classroom management and procedures.
Follow-up coaching is an integral part of our program in the form of Support Teachers.  These individuals participate in the initial induction training and continue to provide support to teachers throughout the school year in areas of classroom management, instructional strategies, and technology.  Follow-up coaching has been invaluable to the teachers of this district.  Through the programming and use of experienced support teachers proactively providing ongoing, job-embedded professional development, the teachers new to the Lafayette Parish School System have better access to effective professional development, professional growth, and increased effectiveness. 

Support teachers meet their assigned teachers through the induction training and are based at Lafayette Charter High School. They can be reached at 261-8981, ext. 3010.